Biometric Gun Safe FAQ

Question: What exactly is a biometric gun safe?

Answer: A biometric gun safe is unlike a regular combination lock safe, or key safe in that access to the safe’s content is by way of fingerprint.

The term “biometric” refers to any method for uniquely recognizing humans based upon an intrinsic trait, and in this case that trait is your fingerprint.

Retina scans, often seen in movies, are another type of biometric identification method, but much too expensive and complicated for the small gun safes that cost just a few hundred dollars.

Question: What are the advantages of these electronic fingerprint safes?

Answer: The advantages are many. Let’s say you suffer an accident such as being hit in the head, or need to open a combination lock safe in a hurry.

There’s always the chance that you might not be able to remember the combination in an emergency. Keys are often stolen or lost, and combination locks can also be cracked as well.

With biometric identification, only you can open the safe because you are the only one with your unique fingerprint.

In short, a biometric gun safe offers you an entry system that is practically impossible to tamper with. While combinations and passwords can be lost, forgotten, or stolen, the entry mechanism for the safe is individual specific.

Question: Why should I even consider a gun safe or pistol vault in the first place?

Answer: There are many reasons. No one wants their guns stolen. That’s reason number one. But the more important reasons is safety.

Every year there are numerous guns accidents where children get killed because they end up playing with their parents’ guns.

In order for your children to be safe yet have quick access to your guns in a time of need, gun safes are convenient for fulfilling these needs.

Question: How do these safes work?

Answer: To open an electronic fingerprint safe, or biometric gun safe, you simply scan your fingerprint across the sensor and the safe will open.

Many biometric safes allow multiple users to be programmed into the memory, and offer battery backup protection for when you need to recharge the safe batteries.

The safes vary in size but are usually large enough to serve as pistol safes storing small guns, like a biometric gunvault, and other personal items such as documents, too. It depends upon the size of the safe you buy which can even be fit into a wall.

Question: What are some of the most common brands or most popular gun safes?

Answer: Biovault Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Reader, BIO Biometric Fingerprint SAFE BOX Jewelry Gun Car, BARSKA, Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Gun Safe, and Equiam BiometricsĀ® BioVault 2.0 are just a few of the popular models and makers.

Question: I understand there are two types of technology used to identify your unique fingerprint. Can you explain the difference?

Answer: There are two types of scanning method used to identify your unique fingerprint for entry into a biometric gunvault or pistol safe.

The first method is an optical scanner method, quite similar to what is used in digital camcorders, that takes a picture of your fingerprint and compares it to an electronic memory record.

The second type uses capacitance scanning which measures differences in electrical charge based on the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint to identify your fingerprint.

Question: Where can I buy a biometric gun safe?

Answer: Many gun stores have them, but the easiest way top buy them is through the web. After purchase they can be installed in filing cabinets, in walls, on boats, in RVs, in home or office, and in desks or night stands.