Biometric Gun Safe Guide – How Do Biometric Gun Safes Work?

big biometric gun safeWith more and more people making the decision to bring a gun into the house either for recreational shooting or just for personal home protection, there needs to be the inclusion of safety into the equation.

This begins with the gun safe. Luckily, these days, with technology being included in many household items, these products have been improved upon as well with a biometric gun safe.

Understanding The Biometric Gun Safe And How It Works

Gun safes have become a thing for gun owners especially for those who have children in order to ensure the safety of their families. Gun owners store their guns and other valuables inside their gun safes mainly to prevent accidents and keep the gun from getting into the wrong hands.

To help prevent scenarios where children are able to open gun safes, this led some manufacturers to create safer boxes.

Biometric gun safes provide safety that most ordinary safes cannot give which is why more people prefer them. They can be a little more expensive but they can give peace of mind to gun owners particularly nowadays when there are lots of accidents and crimes related to improper gun storage and negligence of gun owners.

Here are a few things about biometric gun safes and how they work.

How Does a Biometric Gun Safe Work?

opening gun safe with fingerprintA biometric gun safe works by storing the fingerprint of the gun owner or any authorized person into a microchip.

The microchip is connected to a small scanner which detects the fingerprint of the person trying to access the safe.

Each time the safe needs to be accessed, it is necessary to scan his or her finger and if the fingerprint is not detected, the safe will not open.

Most chips can hold thousands of individual fingerprints so gun owners can record their fingerprints at different angles. This is particularly important in case they need to open their gun safe quickly due to an emergency.

Things to Remember

  • Always keep the batteries of your gun safe fresh unless you are in area with continuous power supply.
  • Keep your safe in an area where it cannot be tampered by people.
  • Some safes can be damaged by doing a full swing with a hammer. Always check if there are any defects or lags whenever you try to access your safe so you can have it replaced or repaired while it is still under warranty.
  • Never try to use an electronic gadget to open your biometric gun safe by force in case you are having trouble accessing your safe as this may tamper the warranty and give your bigger hassles in the future.

What Features To Look For In A Gun Safe

Viking VS-52BL Biometric Fingerprint safe with featuresIf you are looking to buy a gun safe, you are probably wondering about what features to look for in a gun safe.

This is so especially seeing that the gun safe market is flooded with various designs, all of which purport to be the best.

Here are useful tips on the best way to go about shopping for your gun safe to keep your guns secure.

  • Ensure that the safe that you opt for has a thick, strong door and walls made of high quality steel. This feature is important in ensuring that no one can easily break into your safe and access your weaponry. It also ensures the safety of your children because they cannot access the gun(s). Steel may be costly, but ultimately, the gun safes are worth the investment, because the alternative is costlier.
  • Choose a gun safe has a UL certified lock. A strong lock is important in keeping your safe secure. Weight is another feature that you should look out for when buying a weapon safe. Gun safes made of steel and/or high density concrete amalgamate are heavy, which is an indicator of good quality.
  • Check that the safe you want to purchase is easily accessible. You do not want to have a gun safe that is quite hard for you to enter. To this end, a high grade electronic or biometric lock is a good feature.
  • Good weapon safes will also have re-lockers. The re-lockers are triggered in various ways to relock in case of a burglary. They keep your gun(s) safe upon an attack because once they relock retracting them can be quite time-consuming.
  • Ensure the weapon safe fits the space you want it to occupy within your house. You can customize your gun safe to suit your access convenience and other needs. Additionally, avoid gun safes that are based on fireboard or drywall, because they offer inferior protection against fire and burglary.
  • All in all, when considering what features to look for in a gun safe, include the safety of unauthorized people such as children, as well as protection from fire and burglars.

The Best Places To Store Your Gun Safe To Avoid Accidents

The best places to store your gun safe at home and when hunting gives people peace of mind that the chance for unfortunate accidents are greatly reduced.

Most responsible gun owners pride themselves on a safety first attitude when it comes to securely storing firearms. Guns left out unsecured can lead to accidents or theft. No one wants that.

The best place to store your gun at home is in a secure gun safe away from prying eyes and children.

Bedroom closets make for excellent storing of gun safes, however, if you are going to store guns in your bedroom closet you can easily measure how much room you will need for your particular collection of guns.

Gunvault Biometric Gun Safe under deskMany gun owners store their weapons in their bedroom closets. It makes terrific sense considering a bedroom closet is a personal space without a lot of unwanted traffic of people.

Living rooms and kitchens are normally more high traffic areas where different people have too easy of access to guns stored in this part of the home. Bedroom closets are much more private and secure locations to store your gun safe.

Plus there is the added security of knowing your firearm is close by if an intruder decides to break into your home and you need to protect your loved ones for harm.

Hunters on vacation with loved ones and friends also need to consider the best places to store guns safely. Fortunately there are portable gun safes designed to keep weapons safely secured.

Portable gun safes are designed to keep guns safely stored away from the fingers of children preventing accidents. If you are in a hunting cabin keeping guns stored in portable safes or with trigger locks away from where kids can get their hands on them is very important.

A general rule of thumb to follow is to store guns high enough where small children cannot reach them. Hunting cabins usually have good shelf space to allow you to safely store your gun or guns using a portable gun safe or secure trigger lock.

In a tent camping situation it is recommended firearms be stored in either a vehicle or in a place closest to the intended user of the weapon. Trigger locks help prevent unwanted hands from discharging any unwanted shots.