Biometric Gun Safe

fingerprint gun safeAre you interested in purchasing a biometric gun safe? If so, in this article we’re going to go over what is a biometric gun safe and how it differs from other safes.

We’ll also discuss the major safe brands you might compare and consider for purchase. Lastly, we’ll go over how they work and why it’s important to have one in the first place. By the time you’re done you’ll have the basic information you need to understand this new form of secure gun storage.

I’m sure you’ve seen in the movies that many safes now integrate some form of fingerprint, eye scan, palm print or other biometric lock to grant access to the contents.

A biometric gun safe differs from other safes in that it opens when presented with the correct fingerprint placed on a touchpad. In other words, the safe has an electronic memory for your fingerprint, just like you might see in some television movie, and opens just for you when that same fingerprint is presented to it.

Most handgun safes require a rotary or digital combination that people often forget, so the benefit of this safe is that you don’t have to remember the combination. All you have to do is bring your finger with you, and it will open.

Some of the most common and secure biometric gun safes include the following brands:

Each of these safes has different advantages and benefits such as their size and portability, weight (which makes it difficult for thieves to carry away), price, and scanning method (optical scanning and capacitance scanning) for capturing your fingerprint.

These safes are as secure and durable as as gun vaults, but can often be placed in a wall. The larger ones have room for documents and other valuables besides pistols and firearms.

The optical scanner safes use a CCD or “charged coupled device” to operate, which is very similar to what is used in digital camcorders and cameras.

This device acts like a fingerprint scanner that uses an image of your fingerprint to grant access to the safe. On the other hand, a capacitance scanner device uses differences in electrical charge, based on the ridges and valleys of your fingerprint, rather than light to create an image of the fingerprint.

This is the “image” that is stored and then compared with your fingertip when presented to the safe.

In conclusion, a biometric gun safe is a great way to securely store your pistols, guns and firearms as well as other valuables. It’s a home essential because if guns, loaded or not, fell into the hands of children, there could be a fatal accident.

In addition, thieves often steal handguns from homes and the safe is a deterrent. With this type of safe, you don’t have to remember a combination because only you can open the safe, and not children, because of the special lock keyed to your body.

In this article we talked about the more popular brands for these safes, so you know what to shop for if you want one, and we talked about how the technology used for these safes in how they actually store and recognize your fingerprint.

Please remember that this article doesn’t reveal everything about the details of a biometric gun safe.

Buying A Biometric Gun Safe

fingerprint pistol safeThere are lots of reasons to buy a biometric gun safe. Gun safety starts with planning, and one of the best ways to protect your guns, pistols, ammunition and small firearms from being stolen or misused is with a gun safe or gunvault.

A gun safe will keep these dangerous items away from children and help prevent fatal accidents. But what type of fingerprint gun safe should you buy?

Most regular safes and home vaults have either combination locks, passwords (key codes), or keys, all of which can easily be lost, stolen or forgotten.

If you use a fingerprint or biometric gun safe to store your guns and valuable, however, then all you need to do is pass your fingerprint over the sensor to open the safe.

These safes use a fingerprint-recognition keypad to open the safe. Two types of methods are used to recognize your fingerprints. One type stores an image of your fingerprint in the electronic memory of the safe, and another identifies your fingerprint based on electrical differences created by the ridges in the fingertip.

When you pick a safe, you want it to pop open immediately when your fingertip is presented because in reaching for a firearm, the event usually constitutes an emergency. This is a big factor in your selection process and in reviewing safes.

What are the most popular brands of biometric gun safes? There are many different manufacturers. These include Browning, Liberty, Rhino Safe, Stack-on, AMSEC, Tychi, Cannon, Mesa Safe Company, GunVault, Protex, Barska, SentrySafe, Winchester, V-Line, andSmartTouch Biometrics.

Some of the most popular units being sold right now include the Bighorn Gun Safe, Winchester Western series, Barska Biometric Safe, Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe, Liberty FatBoy Junior gun safe, InPrint Biometric handgun safe, and the LockSAF biometric fingerprint safe.

They range in price from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars based on their size, materials and electronics.

All these safes come in different sizes, specifications and have different features. The big thing is not to buy the cheapest brand because that decision might prove to be much more costly in terms of an accident or accessibility than buying a high quality safe.

Some gun safes come in the design of household furniture such as clocks or dressers, and some can be mounted inside walls.

There are all sorts of designs for pistol safes, wall safes, office safes, and handgun safes. Whether or not a safe is portable, or whether it can be hidden are important features when selecting a fingerprint gun safe as well.

Furthermore, you should determine before purchase whether the safe can accept multiple users, and thus multiple fingerprints.

There may be times when you would want another member of the family to be able to open the safe besides yourself. Just poke around on the internet and you will find lots of information on these many brands and models.

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