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The Safest Gun Safes

BARSKA biometric gun safeOwning a gun is the right of any law-abiding citizen, but with that right comes the responsibility to purchase, use, and store any gun in a safe and conscientious manner.

To that end, storing a gun or gun collection is one of the most important aspects of gun ownership, and every responsible owner must choose from a variety of gun safes which one is right for him or her.

There is a lot of disparity between available gun safes, and in order to make the most informed choice, gun owners must consider all available safes.

The first option would be gun safes with a standard key entry. This option offers convenience, because the owner always has absolute, manual control over the safe. There is, however, the possibility of key loss or having somebody find the key, thus giving this other person access to the gun or gun collection.

If a gun owner lives with small children, a physical key can be a somewhat risky option.

Another standard option would be electronically locked gun safes. In this situation, gun owners lock and unlock the safe using a manually entered number combination.

This is more secure than a physical key, because the owner (and anyone else with permissible access to the guns) will know the right combination. In the event of a power failure or a safe malfunction, many of these gun safes come with a physical key override.

Gun safes can vary not only in size, but they can also vary in the material used to construct them. If the safe is also a kind of display case, it might be made of dense, high quality wood.

If the safe, however, is purely for safekeeping, it might be made of something more durable like steel or other kinds of metal. The metal options, of course, offer a higher degree of safety.

Gun owners must also consider where they want to store the gun safe. There are many models available, some of which are freestanding and some of which are mounted into walls or floors. Obviously, the more hidden the safe, the safer the guns inside.

Whichever safe a gun owner chooses, it will offer peace of mind that guns will only be used when intended. Gun safes are an excellent and economical way to make sure a gun is never discovered and used by anyone who is not the registered user.

Our list of Top five gun and rifle safes

Top 5 Gun Safes
Gun Safe # of Guns Held Types of Guns Held Height Price Rating
LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe 2 Handgun 14″ $285.16 4.5
Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 1 Handgun 13″ $151.95 4.4
BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe 4 Rifles and Shotguns 52.17″ $269.49 3.8
HOMAK HS30103605 6-Gun Security Cabinet 6 Rifles and Shotguns 57″ $165.00 3.8
Stack-On 24 Gun Safe 24 Handgun Rifles and Shotguns 55″ ~$689.00 4.4

How to Choose a Gun Safe

Homeowners who choose to own and keep a gun at home should take a gun safety course to learn the basics of gun safety as well as safe operation and cleaning of a gun.

Many accidents involving a firearm have happened when an inexperienced owner takes the gun out to clean it without checking to see if it is loaded.

Accidental deaths involving children taking a parent’s gun to show to a friend have decreased thanks to more consumers becoming aware of these types of accidents.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Gun Safe

Choose a gun safe large enough to safely store your guns and ammunition. Someone who is a gun collector or planning to become one should make sure it is large enough for storing additional guns in the future. The safe should have a steel door with a combination or keyed locking mechanism.

Purchase a gun safe from a reputable manufacturer. Winchester, Browning, Remington and Liberty are all manufacturers with proven track records. Warranties will repair or replace gun safes that are damaged or destroyed during a break-in.

Small gun vaults range between $99 and $179 for a vault that fits one or two handguns. Larger standing safes range between $500 and $3,000 while wall safes run $75 to $500 depending on size and thickness. Choose a gun safe that is sturdy and durable, higher quality does not always cost more but safety is important.

Safety Features
A few additional safety features include recessed locks, biometric locks, alarms and locks that become disabled when someone attempts to break the lock. A standing gun safe can be bolted to the floor for added security against thieves making off with its contents. Hidden wall safes are more secure for small hand guns and can double for protecting jewelry and important documents. Choose a fire proof model to keep valuables safe for insurance purposes.

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