Fingerprint Gun Safe Review

barska fingerprint gun safeAs a gun owner one of the smartest things you can do for your personal security is to put your guns, handguns, pistols or rifles away into a biometric fingerprint gun safe or safe box where they can’t be reached by children, teens or anyone else you don’t want to touch them.

The advantages of and the best thing about the fingerprint gun safes is they can’t be opened by a combination lock or key; however you’ll also have a backup key to open them if your fingerprint recognition device (high-tech, fingerprint access lock) fails for any reason.

And gunsafes are a much better choice for gun storage than a gun or rifle cabinet out in the open tempting teens or others and providing easy access to burglars.

The biometric fingerprint gun safe is relatively new to the marketplace and uses a digital reading of your finger to allow access to your guns, handguns, pistols, rifles or other firearms or weapons or ammunition.

They’re called by a variety of names including; biometric fingerprint gun safes, digital gun safes, electronic fingerprint gun safes, hand gun safes, handgun lock box, pistol safe, depository, and stack on fingerprint gun safes.

Fingerprint Gun Safe – How It Works – Explained

You simply place your thumb or finger over the scanner or digital reader and the gun safe will access the database and see if your fingerprint is in it.

It will also contain all other fingerprints that you have authorized to open your gunsafe. Some hold up to 120 fingerprints or more, which may be more than you need.

The biometric gun safe will remain locked until it gets an authorization from your reader that it’s okay to open. It opens fast, so you don’t have to look for the gun safe key which you may keep hidden somewhere safe and secure.

Of course you want to keep this back up key hidden in case the gun safe fails to open.

Fingerprint Gunsafe – Fast Access

One of the best features of the biometric fingerprint gun safe is that you can gain access to it fast in an emergency or if someone enters your home during the night.

You don’t have time to look for a key. Just put your finger that was fingerprinted on the reader and it opens fast! No combination lock or key needed.

Each one of your fingers has a different fingerprint so make sure to use the thumb or finger you used to register in the database.

The fingerprint gun safes available today are battery powered. This makes it extremely important to check the hand gun safe from time to time to make sure the batteries are charged.

Change the batteries routinely on the first of January each year or otherwise specified time when you usually change your smoke detector batteries. And as mentioned don’t forget where the gun safe key is hidden.

The electronic gun safe provides adequate pistol, handgun or gun storage and serves as a gun cabinet in a way, if you get a wall fingerprint gun safe. The biometric safe comes in all sizes and types. Horizontal, vertical, fire resistant, fireproof, waterproof, stack on drawer and high security. You can even get a portable fingerprint gun safe to put in your car, auto, truck, RV or other vehicle.

You can get a residential or commercial, home, business or office fingerprint gun safe for pistols, guns, handguns and rifles.

The size of the biometric fingerprint gun safe you need will depend on how many guns or pistols or rifles you want to secure and store away safely.

If you are storing just one pistol or hand gun you can buy that is much smaller and that would be the best gun safe choice. You may be planning to add more guns, pistols, handguns or rifles so you’ll need a larger electronic gun safe.

You can also think about whether you want a finger print type electronic wall gun safe that you can mount if you’re short on space. A wall mount gun safe will be easier to hide too. You can hide it behind a picture frame.

You also don’t want a gun safe that burglars can easily carry out of your home. It should be bolted down in such a way that it would be difficult to remove. It should be well- built although most are these days. You don’t want a pistol or gun safe that will topple over.

Biometric Gun Safe – Fireproof Safes – Fire Resistant Gun Safes

You might want to consider a fire resistant gun safe or fireproof fingerprint gun safe which will protect your guns, pistols and rifles if your home, office, business, car, truck or RV catches on fire.

Make sure to practice good gun safety and remove all the ammunition from your guns, handguns, pistols and rifles before storing them. Keep the ammunition handy so you can load your hand gun fast if needed. Keep your guns cleaned and oiled too.

Fingerprint Gun Safe Manufacturers

Manufacturers of fingerprint gun safes include– Barska, LockSAF, Gunvault (gun vault) , Biovault and other safes include Cannon, American Security (Amsec), Fireking, Homak, Zanotti, Honeywell, Sisco, SmartTOUCH Biobox, First Alert, Sequiam, Sentry, ADG Sports, Inprint, EDM, Secure Logic, Crossfire, Smarttouch/bioMETRX and others. Fingerprint Gun Safe – Models and Manufacturers Be aware that some fingerprint safes are made in China.

Gun safe prices range from $100 and up depending on the size and features.

You can buy a fingerprint gun safe online new, at a discount or cheap gun safe sometimes when handgun safes are on sale. There are dozens of different models and brands to choose from. Look for our upcoming reviews, ratings and comparisons too.

You can buy used fingerprint gun safes easily online from gun safe dealers and manufacturers. I would not buy one from eBay or Amazon as your shipping charges will be sky high due to the weight of the gun safe as would your shipping costs to return it if it is damaged or gets damaged in transit to you.

Dealers and manufacturers often offer free shipping when you purchase a gun safe from them. See pictures of fingerprint gun safes at the top of the page.

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