Fireproof Gun Safe

Sentrysafe fireproof gun safeA fireproof gun safe is often a good choice when you’re looking for a secure place to store your guns. When it comes to keeping your guns out of the wrong hands, a safe is not only a good idea, it’s usually the only responsible choice.

When you put in the effort to find a safe for your guns that has the best security features, one of those features should be that it is fireproof. Though it takes a lot of heat in a fire to damage a gun, most people know that house fires can generate heat over 1000 degrees-enough sometimes to damage steel frames, and certainly enough to damage a gun.

Another good reason to purchase a fireproof gun safe is if you keep your gun loaded. Some people like to keep their guns ready to shoot in case of an intruder. When they take the time to retrieve the gun from the safe, they don’t want to have to take the time to load it as well.

It’s important for a loaded gun to be in a safe that is completely secure so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, but it’s also important that it be safe from fire. Exposed to extreme heat, ammunition can explode.

Exposed to extreme heat, ammunition can explode.

Because they’re usually made of thick, heavy duty steel, most safes are fire resistant. This should not, however, be confused with fireproof. “Fire resistant” means that it can resist fire up to a certain point, but fireproof usually means that it can resist higher temperatures for much longer.

This doesn’t mean that manufacturers or stores don’t often mix and match the terms, though, so you want to always make sure of what you’re getting. When you are considering buying a fireproof gun safe, be sure to check the UL rating for how much heat it can withstand, and for how long. If you’re unsure about what a rating means, ask someone who knows.

Your first order of business when shopping for a fireproof gun safe is to make sure that the safe is secure. Fireproofing is important, but if the safe is easy to break into, the whole point becomes moot.

When you go to a store that sells gun safes, you should have a list of requirements. Do some research before you shop so you won’t be talked into something that a salesman just wants to unload instead of what you really want and need. Include your requirements for security, as well as your requirements for the safe being fireproof.

You can shop for a fireproof gun safe at gun stores, although their selection will probably not be as good as what you can get at stores that deal specifically in safes.

You can also shop at some reputable online stores as well, such as or Depending on the size and style that you need, a fireproof safe for a gun can run anywhere from less than $100 for a one-pistol fireproof lock box, to thousands of dollars for a large fireproof safe that can hold several large guns.

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